A typical day at CLAC

07.50Wake Up
09:15Morning Meeting
9:30English Lesson
12.00Skills Lesson

Every morning, students are woken up by CLAC staff – so the day immediately starts with a gentle burst of English…

Breakfast is a firm favourite with all CLAC students – a choice of cereals, porridge, warm croissants, cold meats, eggs, cheese, fruit, toast, spreads and sometimes cooked breakfast – no wonder it’s popular!

Students gather daily in the main hall for their Morning Meeting led by the Director and the Social Organisers – all in English!  It is an informative yet fun event with a run-through of the exciting programme for the day ahead and the highlight for everyone – an energized singing of the CLAC ‘jingle’.

This is the main grammar lesson of the day. Students meet with their Group Teacher and are taught using a combination of a course book and the teacher’s own resources. Each group will have a plan of the grammar to be taught each week displayed in their classroom.

Cold drinks, fresh fruit and biscuits in the dining room – and a chance to visit the popular CLAC Tuck shop.

These classes focus on specific skills such as listening, speaking writing, vocabulary, pronunciation and spelling and are designed to give further practice in what has already been taught.

13.30Tuck Shop
13.45Specialist Workshops
15.15Afternoon Activities 1
16.30Afternoon Activities 2
17.30Free Time

Lunch is a lively event in the dining room with friends and CLAC staff. There are always two choices of hot food – one vegetarian – and a varied salad bar selection with fresh fruit and dessert to end the meal.

Every day and after lunch, the students have some free time to relax with their friends or can call their family back home before afternoon activities.

This timetabled English lesson is special to CLAC.  Students can choose a specialised topic of interest to study in more depth. The idea behind these classes is that when students are involved through interest they are able to learn and assimilate more and forget that they are actually learning and practising their English. The Specialist Workshop choices are made during the application process.

After the Specialist Workshops and in the afternoons, students are given a choice of activities they can particapate in which include swimming, indoor or outdoor sports, arts and crafts.  These activities are run and organised by the CLAC Social Team.

During our second part of afternoon activities, students can either continue their chosen sports stay at the swimming pool or simply go on a short supervised tour of local museums and attractions.

Time for students to shower and change before dinner and prepare for the evening activity.

18.30Evening Activities 1
19.15Evening Activities 2
21.15Hot Chocolate and Biscuits

Dinner is another favourite with all students – a choice of hot meal, salad bar selection, cheese, fresh fruit and desserts.   Another opportunity to gather together and chat informally in English with friends and staff.

After dinner, students are given a choice of activities they can particapate in which include indoor or outdoor sports, arts and crafts.  These activities are run and organised by the CLAC Social Team.

CLAC wouldn’t be CLAC without its much awaited evening activities – Capture the Flag, the Bottle Game, Karaoke, Casino Night, Live Cluedo, the Mystery Walk – all great favourites.

Staff staff on duty will prepare hot drinks and biscuits for the students every night and before bedtime. This is a perfect time for students to relax and chat to their friends.

After a day filled with learning, fun and activities, staff on duty will send students up to their bedrooms to get ready for sleep.  Lights Out (depending on age)