A Typical Day at CLAC

A typical day at Old Buckenham Hall

CLAC days start with a meeting, which everyone attends to learn about the day’s programme ahead and news of upcoming events. The meeting is followed by timetabled English classes until lunchtime, with a short break mid-morning for a drink, snack and catching up with friends.  After lunch, the timetabled programme continues until 3pm with specialist workshops such as filmmaking, photography, yoga, drama, cookery and more.

After workshops, the social programme starts when students can choose from a variety of activities including arts, sports, games and local trips. These are displayed on the Social Programme noticeboard and students sign up for their chosen activities.

Evenings are for big events, famous CLAC games such as the Scary Walk, Cluedo, parties, campfires and other activities that involve the whole course. Everyone is included.

The Activity Programme provides an opportunity for students to relax, meet up with their friends and practise their English through fun activities. Every afternoon after classes there are sports, excursions and events that make the most of what CLAC and the surrounding area have to offer.  The programme is designed to appeal to different personalities and to not only interest, but also include everyone.

Each evening the Social Team arranges CLAC special events, challenges and tournaments, as well as quiz nights, discos and parties to entertain and involve all of the students. There is always something happening for all the students to take part in. We know that students appreciate some free time so this is also included in the programme.

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