Cambridge Language & Activity Courses
a family-run summer language school

The CLAC Way
A CLAC course is designed around speaking English all day – from breakfast until bedtime – that’s around 100 hours absorbing English each week. A CLAC course has friendly teachers who know their students’ needs and focus on language that they can use both in and out of the classroom. A CLAC course recognises each student’s achievements and awards individual progress with special prizes and certi cates.

CLAC is not just a great way to learn English in class, it’s also a way to practise English by having fun and talking with new friends

A CLAC course is not only about making good progress in English. A CLAC course is also about a child’s personal development. A CLAC course offers an ideal environment for a child to feel safe and relaxed, to make new friends, exchange ideas and widen horizons.

At CLAC children gain self-confidence and self-awareness

A CLAC course has one staff for every four students to give high quality personal attention to each and every child. A CLAC course has 24 hour supervision with all staff and the Director living on site. A CLAC course gives students an exceptional level of welfare care – and parents exceptional peace of mind..

Every CLAC student is a valued member of the CLAC Family

A CLAC course does not accept large groups of any one nationality and limits the number of same-language students. A CLAC course makes lifelong friends.  It was CLAC students themselves who invented the phrase ''CLAC friends are friends forever''.

A new CLAC student is a new CLAC friend waiting to be made

What our students say about CLAC:

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Award Winning

Chosen as one of the "Best of English Summer Schools" in 2014 by El Gazette.

Student Care

CLAC is the school you can entrust your children to with all-round confidence.

Over 30 Years of Experience

Caring family business for over 30 years, fully British Council accredited. Excellence in welfare.

Student Satisfaction

93% of students rated their CLAC course “EXCELLENT” in 2016 feedback

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