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13 Dec

The CLAC tuck shop trees are planted!

Hello everyone at CLAC, It’s Matt here from Mossy Earth. I hope you all had a wonderful summer in England.

If you recall, I visited Great Ballard and Slindon to give a presentation on reforestation and rewilding in Europe, including some awesome footage of wolves, bears, boars and lynx, from our camera traps. You may also recall that CLAC kindly offered to donate all funds raised by the tuck shop to plant trees with Mossy Earth in the Southern Carpathians in Romania.

The Southern Carpathians are home to the largest old growth forests, richest biodiversity and biggest populations of large carnivores (wolf, lynx & bear) in Europe. Sadly, this beautiful area has suffered from years of illegal logging that has endangered much of Romania’s forests and wildlife.

Well, you’ll be pleased to know that your insatiable taste for sugary treats raised enough money to plant 70 trees, which will help us reforest those illegally clear-cut areas. This autumn we were able to plant 4000 native trees including Spruce, Beech, Elm, Rowan, Ash and Alpine Maple.

These species will not only help reforest these bare mountainsides but create valuable habitats for Romania’s wildlife.
What’s more, CLAC’s generous contribution will also help support ranger salaries, whose job it is to protect the existing old growth forests against logging and poaching.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at CLAC for their support and enabling us to plant more trees. We will send CLAC all the photos and GPS coordinates for your trees, regular updates on our reforestation and rewilding efforts, and of course more exciting videos from our camera traps.

If you would like to support the work of Mossy Earth please visit

We look forward to to see you back at CLAC in 2019! View project map. 

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