2017 Testimonials

”I couldn’t speak a word in English and now I am writing you a letter”. – Maira, Kazakhstan

”I want to thank all the staff for the care and attention given to my daughter…nothing is even remotely comparable to CLAC”. – Mr and Mrs Saccoproila, Italy

”CLAC has been a turning point in my life… I will become a doctor next week. Though I didn’t know it at the time, it seems CLAC made it possible.”. – Arianna, Italy

”Attending CLAC was one of the most beautiful and unforgettable memories in my life”. – Hongming (Jerry), China

”One of the BEST schols for Juniors EVER!”. – Sofya Kings, Russia

”We sent our daughter this year as well as last year hoping that attractive experiences of CLAC would be the confidence and assets of her. She is now full of satisfaction having so many friends all over the world!!”. – Junko Okura, Japan

”This was my third year at CLAC and I absolutely loved it. I have made new friends from all over the globe. At CLAC we learn English while having fun. CLAC friends are friends forever and I can not wait to come back next year.”. – Ognjen Pecanac, Bosnia-Herzegovina

”Thank you so much clac family for these 2 weeks , i had so much fun , and as you guys say ( clac friends are friends forever )”. – Mohamed Amr, Egypt

Archived Testimonials

  1. You never get bored, you always have something fun to do.” Federica Sanguinetti Italy
  2. CLAC is not just a great way to learn English in class, it’s also a way to practice by having fun, by talking with new friends.” Laure Chichmanov France
  3. If you want to improve your English and find out about the great CLAC activities, just come and join our big international family!” Felix Schmidt Germany
  4. Now my English is quite good, mainly thanks to CLAC’s teachers who help you step by step from the first to the last day of your course.” Sergio Dechicu Italy
  5. When I first came to CLAC it exceeded all my expectations. All I was hoping for was to improve my English, but I got so much more out of my stay.” Tiziana Muller Germany
  6. I think it’s more than an average English summer course because you learn by having so much funGiulia De Laurentis Italy
  7. Even today I’m still in contact with most of my friends that I met at CLAC over five years ago.Besmir Baxa
  8. Every year I learn something new about at least three different countries. I love it.Hugh Landsman United Kingdom
  9. CLAC is not a school – it is a big FAMILY!Andrew Pavliouk Russia
  10. I enjoyed my English classes, the food and of course all activites – I have only good memories.Kate Melitskova Russia
  11. CLAC is great for meeting new people from all over Europe. It makes learning so much more fun and it certainly gave me the best weeks of my life!Emily White United Kingdom
  12. If you come here not to have a holiday but to learn English you will be surprised that at CLAC you can do both!William Liber Switzerland
  13. It’s a great opportunity to meet people from all around the world. You learn about different cultures, interests and views about life.Duygu Gencoglu Turkey
  14. I’ve met lots of friends who I consider part of my family because CLAC friends are friends forever!Victoria Gonzalez Spai
  15. With all it’s fun activities and great staff and students, CLAC has been the best experience of my life.Valentina Dix Italy
  16. I don’t even miss home, my bedroom, my city. Being at CLAC is like being at home.Bianca Giovanardi Italy
  17. Clac is special to me because it is like a big family! As everybody says: “once a clacker, always a clacker!” Pauline Liss France
  18. In CLAC there is a wide range of activities: from sports to cinema, wide games to dancing, cooking to karaoke.Filippo Lisa Italy
  19. I love the excursions. This year in London we went on a lake and we went to Harrods – and we get to go shopping!Loren Galli France
  20. You´ll never get bored at CLAC because the Social Organisers plan so many activities throughout the day.Enrique Dionis Spain
  21. Some things just reach across all barriers and unite everyone. CLAC did that for us. Anna Bashmakov USA
  22. CLAC has been a “diamond” in my life…I can simply call CLAC my summer love which I can’t do without.Batur Cavdar Turkey

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