CLAC Receives 100% Approval for Entertainment

The Social Programme provides an opportunity to relax, meet up with friends and practise speaking and listening in a natural environment. Every afternoon after classes there are sports, excursions and activities that make the most of what CLAC and the surrounding area have to offer.

In the evenings the Social Team arranges games, tournaments, parties, quiz nights, discos, lm nights and shows where students can socialise with their friends from around the world. Once a week there is a full day trip to a nearby city or place of interest. Throughout the week there are also shorter day trips to local towns and attractions or to activities such as mountain boarding, cinema or paintballing. Some of these activities may have a charge but there will always be a free on-site activity available at the same time

After classes until bedtime there is a full social programme offering a variety of sports, activities, excursions and games aimed at providing something of interest to every student. The animation team ensures students always have something to do and they encourage all students to participate wherever possible. If students have ideas or suggestions the social organiser will always be happy to hear them and incorporate them into the programme.

“You never get bored, you always have something fun to do“
– Mohammed, Saudi Arabia


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