Working for Cambridge Language & Activity Courses

CLAC is a small, family-run company that prides itself on its family atmosphere and caring attitude to both students and staff. No matter what your role, as CLAC staff you will be part of an interactive and positive Team where you will get the chance to contribute your ideas and enthusiasm to the course and work together to give CLAC students the experience that made CLAC a Centre of Excellence.

Our courses have a high return rate of both staff and students, making for a very friendly, supportive environment to work in.

Staff are chosen for aptitude and attitude, making sure that we build teams who will be professional, supportive of each other and sociable. All staff receive pre-course Safeguarding training and attend a 2-day induction before the course starts.

All of our staff are fully DBS/ Police checked before employment and guidelines for Safer Recruitment are strictly adhered to. If invited for interview, in person or online, you will be asked to produce: an up-to-date CV, original copies of Certificates for your Degree, Teaching and any other qualifications, evidence of a DBS and its Update number (if you don’t have one CLAC will assist with an application), contact details for two references, one of your most recent employer or tutor. Referees will be asked if there is any reason why you should not work with children or teenagers under the age of 18.

If you are offered and accept employment you will be sent a Contract with your Job Description outlining your duties and responsibilities and you will be asked to sign this and some other forms relating to safeguarding and CLAC disciplinary procedures. You will be asked to complete a P46 Form for tax purposes.

Vigilant checks are made throughout the course and the Management encourages open channels of communication to ensure that a safe environment is maintained at all times for both students and staff.

What can you expect from working at CLAC

A CLAC Staff Handbook giving a comprehensive guide to CLAC routines and procedures is sent to all staff prior to course commencement. The course is residential for students and therefore so are the staff. The only exception would be if a staff member lives nearby and a non-residential arrangement has been agreed with the management. The following are guidelines of what you can expect from your accommodation:

(By accepting to work at CLAC you would be accepting to take on certain responsibilities associated with the pastoral care of the children or teenagers on your course and staff bedrooms are therefore often located in close proximity to student bedrooms).

Current Vacancies

Staff are required to arrive at the school by lunchtime on the Friday prior to the first Sunday of the course for a compulsory induction and pre course preparation. A Staff Handbook and Teachers Handbook will be sent to staff prior to this Induction. All staff will be required to do Safeguarding training and sign to say they will adhere to CLAC Safeguarding Policy. Staff may be required to work on the final Sunday for airport and packing up duties – this will be in consultation with the management.

Selection and appointment is by interview, in person or online. CLAC adheres to a Safe Recruitment policy. All staff are required to have the following:

  • An up-to-date CV (with no gaps)
  • A valid DBS (or Update reference number)
  • Two Referees, one the latest employer
  • Originals of any qualification Certificates and Diplomas

2024 Positions Available:

Director of Studies: This is a Management position requiring a DELTA qualification as well as a degree. The DOS will be responsible for a small team of EFL teachers and associated duties such as timetabling, observations and reports and may be required to do some teaching. Apply Now

English Language Teacher: Language teachers are a vital part of the CLAC team, teaching students in the classroom for up to 18 hours per week and also participating in some parts of the Social Programme. All CLAC teachers must have a degree and either a Cambridge CELTA or Trinity TESOL qualification.
For full Job Description, please e-mail:Apply Now

Social Team Leader: The role of the Social Team Leader is to set up and oversee execution of the daily sports and activity programme. He/she will lead the Social Team and be responsible for motivating both staff and students and ensuring each activity is not only fun but also well prepared, supervised and with relevant Risk Assessments. Previous experience is essential. We look for lively, energetic people who are responsible and have initiative and strong leadership and organisational qualities.
For full Job Description, please e-mail: Apply Now

Social Team Assistant: The role of the Social Team Assistant is to assist in the smooth running of the course as necessary and form a responsible part of the Social Team to help to set up and carry out of the daily sports and activity programme. Assistants must be at least 18 years old. We look for confident and friendly people who can work well in a team, use their initiative and be willing to take part in any activity. CLAC may offer Lifeguarding / First Aid training or pay for staff to do a course. For full Job Description, please e-mail: Apply Now

Housemother: The duties of the Housemother are primarily of a pastoral nature; to look after the students’ welfare during their stay and ensure they have someone to turn to for help if they are feeling unwell, homesick or otherwise unhappy. The Housemother must be able to administer basic First Aid and will be responsible for student health and accident records during the course as well as safe-keeping and any administration of medicines students bring to the course. Driving licence and own car are desirable. For full Job Description, please e-mail: Apply Now

Office Assistant: The role of the Office Assistant is to man the CLAC office desk and deal with any eventualities in the day-to-day running of the course. A main aspect of the role is to take responsibility for administrative issues related to ‘student care’ such as distribution and recording of student pocket money and the safe keeping of student passports, travel documents etc. The Office Assistant is often the first point of contact for students to ask questions and advice and so we look for someone who is friendly, patient, polite, kind and enjoys being helpful. A good level of English and maths is essential. For full Job Description, please e-mail: Apply Now

CLAC has limited places each summer for individuals to join our team on temporary work experience placements. This is a chance to experience what it is like to live and work at our summer schools and gain valuable experience. We invite enthusiastic, energetic, well organised and articulate candidates to apply for a placement.


  • Aged 18 to 21
  • Available during July and August 2020 (see course dates)
  • Strong English skills
  • Well-presented and confident
  • Punctual and reliable
  • Positive attitude, energetic, adaptable and willing to take part in various activities

What you can expect

  • Free training both before and during your placement including the chance to complete nationally recognised qualifications such as Lifeguarding.
  • Free accommodation including 3 meals a day
  • Continual support from our Team and Management onsite
  • Written references if required after your placement
  • Varied work experience in a professional and fulfilling environment
  • A great atmosphere and unique experience

You can apply for a job at CLAC by sending your CV and covering letter by email to or, or by post to ‘’CLAC Limited, 19 Church Street, Stapleford, Cambridge, CB22 5DS, United Kingdom”.

In your covering letter please state the position you are applying for, the dates you are available and what you feel you could offer to our courses.

If we feel you could be suitable to work on one of our courses, you will be contacted to arrange an interview. Where possible, and depending on your location, the interview will be carried out face-to-face. Interviews are usually carried out in either Cambridge or London. If a face-to-face interview is not possible, the interview will be done via Skype.

At interview you will be asked to explain any time gaps in your CV. As the position is residential involving close contact with children and teenagers, any potential safeguarding issues will also form a vital part of the interview.

You will be asked to provide details to obtain two references, one from your most recent employer. These will be followed up before a decision can be made on your employment. We will ask referees if there is any reason why you should not be employed to work with people under 18.

You will be required to show proof of identity of original certificates of your qualifications. If you are employed by CLAC we will need copies of these to be kept on file once you arrive on the course.

All applicants that are chosen to work for CLAC will be asked to provide either a recent enhanced DBS check (UK residents) or a Police Check (overseas residents). If you don’t have a recent enhanced DBS check you will need to provide CLAC with the necessary documentation to make a DBS Application. CLAC will pay the cost of this for staff we recruit.

Once satisfactory references and all other acceptable documentation has been received, CLAC will send a contract together with other official documentation, which you will be required to sign and return at your earliest convenience.

You will be asked to complete an online course for Safeguarding and Prevent and, on completion, to send a copy of your Certificate to CLAC. (These courses do not involve cost). On arrival on the course you will be asked to read and sign CLAC’s Safeguarding and Prevent Policies to agree to accept and abide by its conditions.

“CLAC is a fantastic summer school to work at. My first summer there was also my first qualified teaching job and I was given so much support to help me through that first experience. Even though I have a few years teaching under my belt now, I get as excited as that first time when I go back every summer. There’s always a fantastic staff team that you can rely on to help you, not only with any problems but to unwind and relax on your day off. As most of the students have been to CLAC before (or have a relative or friend as an ex-student) they really appreciate the staff and what CLAC offers them and so are simply a pleasure to work with. But be warned: CLAC is an addiction! One summer and you’ll never want to miss it again!“ – Matt T (English Teacher)

“Working at CLAC is a very rewarding, fulfilling experience. You work as a team, living together on an everyday basis, which helps to build long lasting and deep friendships. What do I love about CLAC? It is a very rich time. You enjoy every second of sharing your culture with staff and students and learning from them too. It is a chance to be working in a beautiful area, very typical to Britain. You become a part of a big family, which each year you look forward to returning to. Come and join the team. We are always happy to see old faces and welcome new ones!“ – Lorene (Teacher and former CLAC student)

What training and support can I expect once I have been offered a job at CLAC?
Between accepting a position and starting work staff will receive our Staff Handbook with detailed information and guidelines on important issues of the CLAC programme and routines, teachers will have a separate Teacher’s manual. All Staff will take part in two separate online training courses related to safeguarding.

Staff arrive at the school two days before the students to allow a comprehensive and mandatory induction to take place so that, by the time the students arrive, staff should feel confident with CLAC policies and procedures, familiar with their duties and responsibilities and know the layout of the school.

During their Induction, all staff will be able to meet their colleagues, settle into the schools and prepare for the courses ahead. Residential staff will be able to move into their accommodation and meals will be provided.

Throughout the course, members of the Management Team, as well as other experienced staff, are always available to provide support, ideas and feedback. Formal training and input sessions will be given at least twice throughout the 4 weeks focusing on developing teachers and other staff members.

There are also frequent opportunities for the staff team to meet together to discuss any problems or issues that may arise. Our courses are held in schools with one main building to give them a homely feel and so staff tend to feel a part of a ‘family’.

Some staff will take part in nationally recognised Lifeguard Training, CLAC will pay for this qualification.

Some staff will take part in nationally recognised First Aid Training, CLAC will pay for this qualification.

For Teachers, discussion and the sharing of ideas on issues such as resources, methodology and classroom management is always encouraged. Preparation time to plan lessons and organise classrooms is scheduled for all teachers. During this time, the DOS is always on hand to offer support, guidance and advice when needed.

All Teachers are observed by the DOS and given feedback on their performance at least once during their period of employment. Feedback is given constructively and is intended to support and encourage staff to develop professionally.

Do I need personal insurance?
We recommend all staff have insurance for their personal possessions as CLAC cannot take responsibility for any items lost, stolen or damaged.

We recommend staff from overseas bring their own health insurance for any accidents they may encounter whilst not on duty. Staff from the European Union (EU) must also bring their EHIC card in case they should need medical treatment whilst at CLAC.

How many hours will I be working per week?
Teachers can expect to teach up to 18 contact hours per week during timetabled classes between 9.30 and 3pm. For the Social Team mornings are spent in preparation with the most active times in the afternoons and evenings. However, CLAC is very much a team effort, and everyone is expected to do their share and participate equally in the course activities and in the pastoral care of the students.

Whilst every effort is made to give staff time for preparation and for relaxation each day, the needs of the students and of the course must always come first, so it is important to be flexible.

Will I get any time off?
All staff are entitled to one full day (24 hours) off per week. These typically run from 6pm until 6pm the next day. Teachers are given their days off on either excursion days or Sundays. Non-teaching staff can sometimes be given their days off on other days, as decided by the Centre Manager.

A Duty Rota will tell staff in advance when their day off is. Staff are not required to sleep in the school on their night off.

Where are the schools located? What kinds of amenities are available in the local area?
Both our schools are near Chichester, Great Ballard in the village of Eartham, which is just five minutes from our other course at Slindon College, in the village of Slindon. The nearest airport to Great Ballard and Slindon College is Gatwick, from where there is a direct train line to the nearest train station, Barnham, on the main line from London Victoria.

There is a good taxi service from Barnham station and it is approximately just a 10 minute drive to either school, although the charge can be £10 – £12. Wherever possible CLAC staff who drive the mini bus or have their own car will help other staff with lifts etc.

When, and how much, will I be paid?
Pay is determined according to your position, skills and experience. If staff are asked to take on significant additional responsibilities, extra remuneration will be allocated, in agreement with the Course Director.

The salary will be paid in two instalments; one mid course and the second at the end. All staff must complete a P46 tax form which will be sent to them before the course. Your full-board accommodation will be paid for by CLAC.

Recruitment Enquires

    Awards and Accreditations