Our Courses

Great Ballard School for 8 - 12 year olds
Great Ballard School is situated in the village of Eartham, just five minutes away from our other course at Slindon.

The school is set in 10 hectares of parkland with extensive grounds suitable for a variety of sports and games. This exceptional school with its excellent teaching and sports facilities, provides the family atmosphere of a private house with comfortable rooms, homely cooking and cosy accommodation, ideal for our younger age groups.

Staff live on-site and their bedrooms are well positioned for close supervision and 24 hour on-call care. The boys and girls’ bedrooms are on separate floors with ample bathroom and shower facilities.

Slindon College for 13 - 17 year olds
Slindon College offers a language immersion experience with 100 hours of English each week, an all-inclusive core programme and British students for natural language exchange.

The school has been popular with CLAC students for 20 years. Located in a charming country village, 4km from the town of Arundel and with views of the sea, it has space and facilities perfect for teenagers. The courses are friendly and fun with a high standard of teaching and entertainment.

British Buddies

For international students at a summer school to have a British student who they can talk to, exchange ideas with, make a friend of and simply live together with is a dream that CLAC makes come true. 

English Plus

English Plus classes are topic-based, designed specifically for CLAC students and led by a professional instructor. Students will have 5 hours of English Plus classes each week which are included in the course fees.