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31 Jan

It is official!! CLAC is a Centre of Excellence!

This month El Gazette will announce that CLAC is now a Centre of Excellence!  They will publish information on the latest summer school rankings, showing that Cambridge Language and Activity Courses is one of the best courses in England.

The rankings are designed to be fair and informative, and are based on the British Council inspectors’ summary statements. CLAC is accredited by the British Council and as part of this we are inspected at least every 4 years. The inspectors visit all of their member schools and assess using fourteen areas – plus a fifteenth area, ‘Care of Under-18s’, which is what CLAC specialises in.

CLAC was last inspected in summer 2017 and was given a report to be proud of.Inspectors can award a strength in any area, and these areas of strength are noted on the summary statement.  El Gazette uses this system to determine Centres of Excellence. If a school is awarded a strength in the majority of sub-criteria in any area, they will get this area of strength. The inspectors spent two days at CLAC and were impressed when they spoke to students, who they say were “engaged and enjoyed a positive learning atmosphere”.

They commented on the “good rapport in all cases between the teachers and students”.  Special comments were made on the “excellent provision… for the safety and security of students”, and of course the “nutritious and appetising meals” that CLAC provides.

CLAC’s General Manager Hazel Pelling said, “the whole team is delighted that all of our hard work and attention to creating safe, fun and enriching summer courses has been recognised at such a level. CLAC has been running since 1985 and still retains the same excellent levels of care that were established when it was first founded. There is a strong family atmosphere because we really do care for our students and staff like our own family”.

CLAC is experienced and trustworthy with outstanding welfare and an inspection report to prove it!  If you would like to look at the report please click the link below.

The British Council publish full reports on their website here.

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