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21 Sep

”Mama” Music Video by CLAC Great Ballard students

Here is the CLAC 2017 lip sync extravaganza featuring Students and Staff from Great Ballard School. Students spent some time in workshops to decide what would be filmed, learn words and actually film.

It is becoming a bit of a CLAC tradition to make these videos! They had a lot of fun making this year’s song, we hope you enjoy watching!

Performed by students: Mary, Illinios, Woody, Misha, Pasha, Nick, Sasha, Costanza, Claudia, Elena, Beatrice, Marcos.

Featuring Staff: Hazel, Carlos, Aria, Giovanni, William, Carolina, Michael.

It was great fun being part of this music video project I can't wait to share with my family and friends - Constanza, Italy.

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