Social Programme

The programme of social activities at both Great Ballard and Slindon College provides an opportunity for students to relax, practise their English and have fun. Every afternoon after classes students have the independence to choose what they would like to take part in.

Students can decide between a huge variety of sports, art based activities, and trips to local attractions. Due to great locations of both of our centers there are plenty of activities to choose from such as trampolining, historic walks, go-karting, mountain boarding, visits to the theatre, cinema and much more.

Excursions and Trips

Once a week there is a full day excursion. Typically, students visit London, Cambridge, Oxford, Brighton, or Portsmouth. This full day outing allows students to experience the magic of some of the major cities in the UK.

Students can choose between sightseeing activities and specific visits for example going on the London Eye, or visiting an impressive museum, there is always some time for shopping for souvenirs too!  Some of these activities may have a charge but there will always be a free activity available at the same time.

You´ll never get bored at CLAC because the Social Team plan so many activities throughout the day

Alvaro, Spain


CLAC offers a wide range of excursions, to suit all interests, giving our students the opportunity to experience the best the local area has to offer.  All excursions are carefully planned and fully supervised by CLAC staff with mini bus or coach travel at no extra cost. Once a week, the students will spend a full day out of school, visiting a nearby town or city.

Students choose a supervised activity in the morning such as a sightseeing tour or visit to a museum or place of interest. In the afternoon supervised free time is given for shopping or more sightseeing as students wish. A free packed lunch is provided.

CLAC also offers a variety of sporting, cultural and leisure excursions for a minimal extra charge. Popular examples include: Sightseeing, Shopping trips to nearby towns, Cinema, Theatre, Paintballing.


Both of our schools have excellent sports facilities on-site. Within the school grounds there are tennis courts, a swimming pool, and multi-purpose sports fields. The on-site sports programme typically includes a selection of: Cricket, Swimming, Tennis, Badminton, Volleyball, Football, Rounders, Basketball, Aerobics.

All of these activities are included in the course fees whenever they are part of the social programme. For certain sports, students may need to be taken off-site to use the facilities in the local area. These will be charged to students at cost price. Examples include: Horse Riding, Indoor Swimming, 10 Pin Bowling.

Whenever paying activities are offered, there is always a non-paying alternative.

Each afternoon and evening CLAC offers a wide range of interesting activities from varied sports and hobbies to fun events. The aim is to provide a varied programme that will suit all tastes. Whatever a student’s interests, there will always be something to do!

The Social Team for each course organises a wide a range of free on-site activities that is available to all students. A typical social programme includes as many as possible of the following:  Team Games, Arts and Crafts, Quizzes, Cookery, Village Walks, Beauty Therapy, Treasure Hunts, Movie and Popcorn Evenings, Drama Activities.

CLAC also offers a range of off-site optional activities which are available for an additional charge (cost price). See above section on Excursions for details. Whenever paying activities are offered as part of the social programme, there is always a non-paying alternative available in the school.