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Why work for Cambridge Language and Activity Courses

CLAC is a small, family-run company that prides itself on its family atmosphere and caring attitude to both students and staff. No matter what your role, as CLAC staff you will be part of an interactive and positive team where you will get the chance to contribute your ideas and enthusiasm to the course and work together to give CLAC students the experience that made CLAC one of the ‘Best of Summer 2014’ schools. The courses have a high return rate of both staff and students, making for a very friendly, supportive environment to work in. CLAC is accredited by the British Council and a member of English UK. We have a dedicated Director of Studies on-site at each centre and offer our teachers ongoing training wherever possible and encourage professional development.

What can you expect from working at CLAC?

A CLAC Staff Handbook giving a comprehensive guide to CLAC routines and procedures is sent to all staff prior to course commencement. Our courses are residential and therefore so are our staff. The only exception would be if a staff member lives nearby and a non-residential arrangement has been agreed with the management. You will know before the courses begin which school you will be working at. The following are guidelines of what you can expect from your accommodation:
  • Your own bedroom wherever possible. Boarding school accommodation is often basic but clean. (Social Assistants may be asked to share)
  • Shared staff bathrooms with shower and toilet facilities
  • Bedding provided and laundered by the school (towels not provided)
  • Personal laundry facilities on-site
  • Strict no smoking/ vaping policy in bedrooms or anywhere in the school
  • Limited Wi-Fi access, (the schools are old buildings in the countryside)
  • All meals provided on-site; packed lunches on excursions.
(By accepting to work at CLAC you would be accepting to take on certain responsibilities associated with the pastoral care of the children or teenagers on your course and staff bedrooms are therefore often located in close proximity to student bedrooms).

Dates of 2017 summer courses:

Courses for our students at both Great Ballard and Slindon College are from Sunday 9th of July until Sunday 6th of August. Staff are required to be available from Friday 7th July to Monday 7th August 2017. (Staff must attend an induction and pre course preparation sessions on Friday 7th and Saturday 8th of July.

Positions Available:

English Language Teacher: Language teachers are a vital part of the CLAC team, teaching students in the classroom for up to 18 hours per week and also participating in some parts of the Social Programme. All CLAC teachers must have a degree and either a Cambridge CELTA or Trinity TESOL qualification.

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Social Organiser Leader: The role of the Social Organiser Leader is to set up and oversee execution of the daily sports and activity programme. He/she will lead the Social Team and be responsible for motivating both staff and students and ensuring each activity is not only fun but also well prepared, supervised and with relevant Risk Assessments. Previous experience is essential. We look for lively, energetic people who are responsible and have initiative and strong leadership and organisational qualities. (Positions for 2017 filled)

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Social Assistant: The role of the Social Assistant is to assist in the smooth running of the course as necessary and form a responsible part of the Social Team to help to set up and carry out of the daily sports and activity programme. Assistants must be at least 18 years old, with a high level of English. We look for confident and friendly people who can work well in a team, use their initiative and be willing to take part in any activity. CLAC offers Lifeguarding training.

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Housemother(Position Filled): The duties of the Housemother are primarily of a pastoral nature; to look after the students’ welfare during their stay and ensure they have someone to turn to for help if they are feeling unwell, homesick or otherwise unhappy. The Housemother must be able to administer basic First Aid and will be responsible for student health and accident records during the course as well as safe-keeping and any administration of medicines students bring to the course. Driving licence and own car are desirable.  (Positions for 2017 filled)

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Office Assistant (Position Filled): The role of the Office Assistant is to man the CLAC office desk and deal with any eventualities in the day-to-day running of the course. A main aspect of the role is to take responsibility for administrative issues related to ‘student care’ such as distribution and recording of student pocket money and the safe keeping of student passports, travel documents etc. The Office Assistant is often the first point of contact for students to ask questions and advice and so we look for someone who is friendly, patient, polite, kind and enjoys being helpful. A good level of English and maths is essential. (Position for 2017 filled)

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Award Winning

Chosen as one of the "Best of English Summer Schools" in 2014 by El Gazette.

Student Care

CLAC is the school you can entrust your children to with all-round confidence.

Over 30 Years of Experience

Caring family business for over 30 years, fully British Council accredited. Excellence in welfare.

Student Satisfaction

93% of students rated their CLAC course “EXCELLENT” in 2016 feedback