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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Before your child attends Cambridge Language and Activity Courses (CLAC), there are probably lots of questions you want to ask. Below you can find answers to the most common questions about our summer courses. If you can’t find the answer to your questions here, the CLAC administrator is available 7 days a week to speak to personally for any queries. Please click on relevant question below for detailed answer.
What is CLAC?

CLAC is an abbreviation of ‘Cambridge Language and Activity Courses’ – a family-run summer school founded in 1985 with its office still in Cambridge and its friendly, family ethos still at the heart of it courses.

What makes CLAC special?

Chosen as one of the 'Best of British Summer Schools' in 2014 for its excellence in welfare and family atmosphere. CLAC is today run by the same family that started it 31 years ago and offers the same personal service and trusted quality. The ''CLAC Way'' is special to CLAC. Find out more.

Where are CLAC schools located?

Our two residential schools, Great Ballard and Slindon College, are both located near Chichester in the south of England, about 1 hour from London.  You can find out more about our schools here.

How much does a course cost?

A basic course costs £1.125 per week. See our dates and prices for further information, here.

What is included in the price?

English language tuition, full board accommodation, social programme activities, airport transfers (scheduled dates), course T-shirt, photo memories, certificate and report.  The Specialist Workshops offer a variety of free or paid options; one option each week (more info). There is one full day excursion included per week. The London excursion offers some additional paying choices. Find out more information here.

Does CLAC arrange airport arrivals and departures for students?

Yes. Transfers are included in the fees for arrivals and departures on scheduled course start and finish dates between the hours of 9am and 6pm. The safety of students and peace of mind of parents are CLAC’s top priority on arrival and departure days. CLAC provides a personal care service at HEATHROW and GATWICK airports. Find out more.

Are students allowed to arrive and depart outside the course dates?

CLAC does not recommend that students arrive or depart outside the scheduled course dates as it would lead to disruption of both CLAC administrative procedures and the students studies during their stay.  The courses are designed to begin with a placement test and end with an Awards Ceremony with no interruption.

Are there many different nationalities at CLAC?

Yes. A CLAC priority is to enrol students of as many different nationalities as possible.  CLAC limits as much as possible the number of students who share the same mother tongue so that students are motivated to speak more English and form international friendships.  Find out more.

Do students eat healthily during their stay at CLAC?

Yes. The food at CLAC schools is cooked on site and is homely and plentiful. There are usually two hot choices available for lunch and dinner - one of them is vegetarian - and always a salad bar with bread and fresh fruit. Special diatery requirements can be accommodated - you would inform the office before the course begins.

Do CLAC staff live in the schools too?

Yes. Staff live on-site and their bedrooms are well positioned for close supervision and 24 hour on-call care at both Great Ballard and Slindon College.  The safety of students and peace of mind of parents are another of CLAC’s top priorities.

Does CLAC look after students’ valuables, such as pocket money and travel documents?

Yes.  Travel tickets, passports and I.D. cards are handed in to the Director’s office on arrival for safe keeping.  There is a special ''CLAC Bank'' system for pocket money.

If a student already has a good English level, will they still benefit?

Several children who attend CLAC may be almost bi-lingual, have one or both parents who are English, have had an English au pair or been to school in England etc. The ‘Top Group’ at CLAC is always of a good Advanced Level and these students can work together on improving fluency, writing, vocabulary, idioms etc.

Can I contact my child during the course?

Yes. Parents can freely contact their children during the day outside classes and activities. The CLAC office can also update you on your child via email and there are regular blog posts during the course.  Read our blog here.

Does my child need a visa to attend CLAC?

For all non-EU citizens, they may need a Child Visitor visa to attend CLAC.  For full information on visa applications, please visit our dedicated ‘Visa Section’ page here.

Can group leaders attend with their students?

Yes.  In agreement with the group arrangement.

Can I visit your schools during my child’s stay?

Yes. Visitors are welcome provided the Course Director has been informed beforehand and it is not disruptive to the course.  If it is wished to see any staff member, an appointment must be made.

Can CLAC provide exams or tests for students?

When students arrive at CLAC, they are tested and placed in the best class for their level of English.  Each Saturday morning students are given a Language Test by their Group Teacher based on what they have studied in class during the previous week. This helps the teacher to assess individual progress and to write a personal Report for each student at the end of his/her stay to take home to parents. Course Certificates and prizes are also awarded at a special CLAC Awards Ceremony. No other exams are available.

Is there WiFi internet at your schools?

CLAC can provide internet access during scheduled free time for those students who wish to use Skype to contact parents but it is not freely available to students for security and safety reasons.

When do I need to book?

Bookings open in September for the following summer. CLAC is popular with returning students and the mother tongue quota for some nationalities fills up quickly so early booking is advisable. We also recommend securing flights as early as possible and allowing time for visa applications if necessary. The CLAC administrator is always available for questions.

How can I book a CLAC course?

You can book a course at CLAC by completing our booking form here.  You will then be asked to pay a deposit of £300 or pay the full fees.  If your child is accepted, the administrator will contact you with payment confirmation and a Pre-Course Handbook with information on what students need to bring to the course, welfare, insurance, arrival and departure procedures etc.  The CLAC administrator is available 7 days a week to speak to personally for any queries.

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