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Specialist Workshops
Specialist Workshops are topic based classes three times per week.Their purpose is to increase the motivation of students to practise their English through interest-based subjects. By engaging students in the language they are learning, these Workshops can significantly increase confidence and accelerate progress. Students can choose from a variety of free or paid options; one option each week. Specialist Workshop choices are made via the application Booking Form prior to arrival.
  • CLAC Classics (free option)
In these classes students will engage in a variety of interactive workshops lead by qualified English teachers. Topics will vary each week and be appropriate to age.  They could include British and International Life and Culture, History, Open Discussions and Debates, Singing, Drama, Social Media, Art and Cookery.
  • Professional Tennis Coaching (£60)
Tennis enthusiasts will be able to practise and improve their skills and techniques under the watchful eye of a qualified professional Tennis Coach. Teaching is in small groups so that all students receive personal attention and guidance. Rackets can be provided but students may bring their own.
  • Professional Football Coaching (£60)
Students of all levels, boys and girls, will be able to learn and practise football techniques such as controlling the ball, juggling, dribbling, passing and shooting, learn team tactics and gain overall confidence under the expert guidance of an experienced professional Football Coach.
  • Professional Dance (£60)
Students of all ages and levels can enjoy learning and practising a variety of different dance styles from traditional to modern. A qualified Dance Tutor will guide students through the steps and techniques to enable students to perform a full dance routine. Good exercise and good fun!
  • Gymnastics (£60)
Children will be taught by a qualified gymnast how to perfect their cart-wheeling and hand-stand techniques as well as several other gymnastic moves. They will learn the importance of poise, posture and balance and develop co-ordination, strength, agility and discipline. No previous experience necessary. **
  • Film Academy (£60)
Students will be guided by an award-winning filmaker to produce, film, direct and edit a short film or music video.  Working in small groups they will learn to use the very latest 4K broadcast cameras, lighting and microphone equipment and then to edit the film using television industry standard Adobe Premiere. The completed film will be premiered to the other students at a special event.  *
  • Health and Fitness (£60)
Led by an inspiring, qualified Yoga Teacher, these classes will combine practical yoga and meditation with instruction in the art of keeping the body and mind healthy through nutrition, exercise and mental well-being. Most enjoyed Specialist Workshops of 2016! *
  • Career Preparation (£60)
Classes specially designed for students thinking about their future studies. They will cover such topics as CV writing, University Application, TOEFL, IELTS, Interview Technique, Personal Development and Confidence Building. * To BOOK a space for your child, please simply select it via the booking form and we will do the rest. *Slindon College students only.  **Great Ballard students only.
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