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Learning English

The CLAC English learning programme aims to give students maximum benefit during their stay by linking what is studied in the classroom with the language that students will need out of class. In this way students immediately get to practise what they have learnt, which builds both confidence and fluency. And it certainly builds more friendships!

A typical day begins with a 90-minute intensive English language lesson practising grammar and vocabulary.  The second part of the morning usually consists of two short 45-minute intensive English skills lessons. In these classes students focus specifically on areas such as pronunciation, speaking, listening, reading and writing. For further writing practice, students are encouraged to keep a diary. Prizes are awarded at the end of each week for the best diary.

Main benefits of learning English at CLAC:
    • 18 hours of timetabled English tuition each week
    • Small classes of up to 14 students (preferred 12)
    • Placement testing for correct language level group
    • English teachers carefully selected for their teaching skills and personality
    • Learning in a multicultural environment, allowing natural language exchange
    • Emphasis on communication skills and confidence building
To see our typical weekly timetable, download our brochure here.

''I couldn’t speak a word in English and now I am writing you a letter'' - Maira, Kazakhstan

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