Exciting, engaging topic-based classes

Workshop classes for 1 hour and 15 minutes after lunch are included in the course fees. These are topic-based classes, designed specifically for CLAC students to motivate them to practise their English through an interest-based subject, enhancing their range of English skills in an interesting way. The British students on the course join in these classes.

The different workshops offer a perfect opportunity for students to widen their horizons and learn something new as well as benefiting from the natural opportunity to speak English, increase their confidence and therefore accelerate their progress. We have chosen subjects that are exciting, engaging and current to young people. Each day that Workshops are offered students choose from the variety on offer that day. Typical choices are:

Students will be taught to produce, film, direct and edit a short film or music video.  Depending on the project, elements of photography, acting, and dance may be included, utilising any talents students may have.  The finished project will be shown at the end of the week and made available to parents via the CLAC website.

Our qualified Yoga Teacher, who specialises in practical yoga and meditation classes specifically for children and teenagers, teaches yoga techniques and how to appreciate life through mindfulness.  Classes also include essential oils, smoothie making, juicing and making healthy snacks.  Perfect for all students, male and female, to complement sport, study and relaxation.


Students will be shown techniques to develop their speaking and acting skills and talents.  They will be encouraged to exercise their creativity through sketches and mini performances, which may be recorded for the whole course. CLAC has an eclectic collection of Dressing-Up clothes to make this workshop fun!

Sports and Fitness

The wide range of sports facilities at the school from the 9-hole golf course to the playing fields, woodland challenge trail, swimming pool and superb indoor sports hall lend themselves to an opportunity to offer more specific tuition and training in a variety of sports in Workshops.


The school kitchen opens its doors to allow CLAC students to try their hand at baking and cooking dishes such as scones, biscuits, pancakes and kebabs. Students will be taught the vocabulary and usage of kitchen utensils and equipment and how to read and follow a recipe. They will then be able to eat the food they make!

Arts and Crafts

The dedicated Art Room at the school is perfect for CLAC students to be able to enjoy showing off their creative artistic skills or learning new skills related to art and craft. Students will be able to take home with them their creations – an opportunity to make a personal gift or keepsake.