English Plus

Exciting, dedicated, current and engaging topic-based classes

Students will have 5 hours of English Plus classes each week which are included in the course fees. English Plus classes are topic-based, designed specifically for CLAC students and led by a professional instructor.  Each class is designed to motivate students to practise their English through an interest-based subject, enhancing their range of English skills and broadening their experience.

The different classes offer a perfect chance to learn new expertise and allow students to benefit from natural opportunities to use English, increase their confidence and therefore accelerate their progress. We have chosen subjects that are exciting, engaging and current.  Students must choose from a variety of workshops before the course, although changes during the course may be possible subject to availability. Classes are booked on a first come, first served basis, so early booking is advised.

Students will be taught by a BAFTA award-winning filmmaker to produce, film, direct and edit a short film or music video using the very latest 4K broadcast camera equipment.  Depending on the project, elements of photography, acting, and dance may included, utilising all the talents students may have.  The finished project will be shown at the end of the week and made available to parents via the CLAC website.

Our qualified Yoga Teacher, who specialises in practical yoga and meditation classes specifically for children and teenagers, teaches yoga techniques and how to appreciate life through mindfulness.  Classes also include essential oils, smoothie making, juicing and making healthy snacks.  Perfect for all students, male and female, to complement sport, study and relaxation.

Forest Camp

Inspirational classes giving students the opportunity to develop confidence and self-esteem through hands-on learning experiences in woodland surrounding the school.  Classes are about exploring the environment, minimising our impact on the environment, safely trying new skills, and having fun in the outdoors.  Perfect for students from big cities or those who love to learn outside rather than in the classroom.

University Study Academy

Classes specially designed for students thinking about their future studies. Topics covered includes university applications, writing personal statements, interview techniques, exam preparation and more.  The classes aim to provide an overview of what students need to consider when applying for university as well as useful skills and techniques they can use during the application process.

Football Academy

Led by professional coaches from Premier League football club Brighton and Hove Albion.  Classes are part fitness, skills, tactics and training matches, using modern training methods to suit the level of the students.  The classes are for all levels and are fully inclusive, as per the club’s ethos:  “We believe that football is for everyone, regardless of their age, ability or background.”

Dance and Drama

Students will be shown professional techniques to develop their skills and talents.  Professional teachers will use modern, contemporary and street dance, as well as musical drama, to quickly enable students to perform short pieces.  They will be able to exercise their creativity through the actual performances, which may be recorded for the whole course.