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7 Mar

Brexit: Some Good News

At CLAC we are immensely sad about the UK’s decision to leave the European Union.  Despite the many wonderful advantages of EU membership and the very obvious negative implications of leaving, at this point there seems no turning back.

Despite our fears and sadness, there is some good news:
Travelling to the UK

For Europeans travelling to the UK nothing will change until at least 2021 according to all the information available to us from the government and English UK. So for CLAC this year and next, it is business as usual.  If you do not have a passport you can still travel on your national ID card and there will be no new visa requirements as yet.

Disruption in the UK

Depending on when we leave and under what circumstances, there will be a period of adjustment, but, despite the disruption, life is expected to return to normal within a few weeks, so by July when students arrive at CLAC everything should be as usual.

Safety and Security

Regardless of Brexit, for over 30 years we have had student welfare and safety as our priority.  That certainly won’t be changing!  Although nobody expects security problems, you can be reassured that our schools in the heart of the countryside are still the safest places to be while staying in the UK.  Our high levels of care will continue and we will continue to update our policies and procedures to keep all of our students safe as well as happy.

Expect a Warm Welcome!

Although we are leaving, we are not closing our doors to EU citizens and we, especially at CLAC, want to encourage as many people as possible to continue to enjoy living and learning in the UK.  Nothing has changed in our hearts and you will receive the same warm welcome you always have.

And finally…

The Euro is already significantly stronger against the Pound than a couple of years ago and depending on the nature of Brexit the Pound may get weaker.  With prices dropping, this could be the best year to visit the UK!

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