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9 Nov

Bohemian Rhapsody by CLAC Students and Staff

Music video workshop project by CLAC students and teachers performing “Bohemian Rhapsody” classic by Queen.  Special thank you to all the students, teachers and staff who took part.

Students get guided to produce, film, direct and edit a short film or music video.  Working in small groups students learn to use the very latest 4K broadcast cameras, lighting and microphone equipment and then to edit the film using television industry standard Adobe Premiere.  The completed vides then have a premiere in front of the other students at a special awards ceremony event.

Cambridge Language and Activity Courses is happy to share with you our 2019 film. Join us to learn English and enjoy the summer filled with memories, learning and friendships.  CLAC was founded in 1985 with the idea of bringing International students together for summer language classes to study and experience natural language exchange.  It is a unique idea that is still part of CLAC’s ethos and drives what we do today. From the start CLAC has operated like a family, both in terms of management and the atmosphere of the summer classes.

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