Founded in 1985.

CLAC was founded in 1985 with the idea of bringing together overseas and British students for an international summer course experience with a focus on natural language exchange and friendship. It is an idea that is still at the heart of CLAC and drives what we do today.

From the start CLAC has operated like a family both in terms of management and the atmosphere of its summer schools.


CLAC is owned and run by the George family. The business has grown since 1985, but the management is committed to remaining small enough to keep a family feel and providing personal attention to its students.

The George family make it their priority to ensure that CLAC retains everything that has made it special for so many years. If you ever have any concerns, you are always able to speak to someone personally, giving you assurance that your needs will be met by those who make the decisions.

What makes CLAC special

  • Outstanding Welfare
  • 24 hour resident Housemother
  • All-inclusive course fees 
  • 95% of students come on personal recommendation.
  • Small classes taught by qualified and engaging English teachers
  • 1:4 Staff to Student ratio for exceptional levels of care
  • Good nationality mix and British students to maximise English speaking
Our Team
Anne George
founding dIRECTOR

Having helped to found CLAC in 1985, I feel very proud to witness CLAC being equally successful today. So many past students have a special place in my memories and most special of all is how they are now sending their children and young relatives to CLAC. CLAC friends truly are friends forever!

As the matriarch of CLAC, I am always resident on the course to make sure our high standards are upheld and that CLAC keeps its ‘family feel’ valued so much by our students and parents.

Carolina George
housemother & safeguarding lead

As a key member of the George family, Carolina has seen CLAC in action for many years.  She is a professional yoga teacher who brings calm to the course each summer through mindfulness and relaxation with both students and staff.

She has three children who have all grown up with CLAC and attend the courses each summer.  As an experienced mother, she has lots of understanding of this age group. Carolina is Colombian by birth and brings vibrant energy to the team. 

Matt Trinder
centre manager

Matt is as enthusiastic about CLAC today as he was in 2010 when he joined as a teacher just a few short months after taking the CELTA course to get qualified. Now with the DELTA, too he is our Centre Manager and advisory Director of Studies.

Oggi Tomic
marketing & operations

Oggi first came to CLAC from Bosnia-Herzegovina in 2000 as a student, then worked for CLAC as a Course Helper, Social Organiser and now full-time Enrolments Manager since 2009. Originally from Sarajevo, he lives in Cambridge and is married to Agata from Poland and they have a beautiful daughter, Ivani. 

Sebastian George
social team

Seb is no newcomer to CLAC. In fact he was born during CLAC 2003, took his first steps during CLAC 2004, was a student each summer until he was 18 and in 2022 finally became Staff. He knows exactly what students like and is bursting with ideas and enthusiasm to help make the Social Programme the best it can be.

Forever part of CLAC
William George

Will was a key presence at CLAC from when he was six years old until his untimely death at the age of 42 in February 2021.  His fun personality, high principles and attention to detail moulded CLAC into the ”Centre of Excellence” award winning summer school that to has become. His experience lay not only in teaching, but in Business Administration and Directorship.  He LOVED to ride his bike along the South Downs and in Cambridge, go for long walks and stay sporty, especially playing volleyball at CLAC.  He also relished the Sunday airport trips meeting students, old and new. He will never be forgotten. Forever held in affection by all who knew him.

Elfrida Heath

Elfrida founded CLAC in 1985. It was her vision to have a truly international summer school, where British children would mix with children from as many other countries as possible to enhance English speaking and cultural understanding.  She directed the junior course until her retirement in 2006 but always kept an interest in the courses and visited every summer.  She had immense energy and enthusiasm and an infectious sense of humour that many CLAC students will always remember.  Her memory at CLAC would not be complete without that of her black Labrador, Newton, whom the students equally adored. RIP Elfrida (died 17 February 2019 aged 79)

CLAC Pre-course Enquiries

    Awards and Accreditations

    ”I want to thank all the staff for the care and attention given to my daughter…nothing is even remotely comparable to CLAC”.
    Family Saccoproila, Italy